Signal Processing & Linear Systems

Signal Processing and Linear Systems for the Movement Sciences
David A. Winter, AAftab E. Patla
ISBN 0-9699420-1-X; Paper, 1997
110 Pages, 94 Figures, 3 Tables
$28.00 CAN

In the area of human movement science researchers and clinicians are faced with a multitude of decisions regarding the purchase of equipment, collection and processing of data and the interpretation of the final results. Virtually all the data are sampled over time and represent a signal. As such there are a number of powerful signal processing and linear modeling techniques that can assist researchers: first and second order linear mechanical models, sampling, filtering, auto and cross correlation analyses, fourier analysis, feedback control systems.

This text recognizes that the wide range of topics required to understand these techniques are normally covered in half a dozen engineering texts. Because of this we have consolidated this primary information under one cover. Those without the necessary mathematical background can get up to speed by studying or reviewing the four appendices at the rear of the book: complex variables, exponential functions, Laplace transforms, Z transform.
This material has been tested on Kinesiology graduate students for the past 12 years with very successful results.

All researchers and graduate students in the movement sciences.

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